The options are endless but for most items there will always be a small number of mouldings (frames) that would be admirably suited. How to find them is the problem. For anyone who can visit our showroom the answer is simple. For those who live too far away we contrive to bring a selection to you. Our Free Colour Brochure contains a small selection of Silver, Gold, Black and Miscellaneous frames which are among the most popular in our experience. In addition, we have other Leaflets on framework which are sent to you as part of our quotation procedure. Make sure you give your colour/size/shape/etc preferences in your ‘Request for Quote’ submission and we will automatically send you the appropriate leaflet(s) If you have no preferences just say so and we will make some recommendations for you.

Mount Board

The selection of mount- boards is similar to that of frames though the solution is much simpler since the number of different coloured boards is a lot less than the number of frames. The main choice is to have no mount, one mount or a double mount and then decide the colour mix. Our Mount Board Leaflet is a considerable help in making the final choice.


Click on the relevant section below to view or download leaflets. You will obtain a far more accurate reproduction of colour by using a glossy photo paper.